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Sweet Home City is a medium size Sven Co-Op map that plays in a city.
You start inside an advanced version of Sweet_home3 (HLDM) where you find weapons and armor. Then you have to fight your way through the streets where groups of soldiers and snipers await you. Once you reached the warehouse there are a lot of aliens to take care of. In the end there is an endboss fight ;-) Oh yeah and there are a lot of small details and gimmicks that you maybe wont see beating the map for the first time. Btw: this map was created on the basis of my counter-strike map as_intruder.

main points of the map:

- conversion of as_intruder (cs)
- city-theme
- 6+ players recommended
- difficulty of the map is medium


- entering the bathtub will heal you
- theres crossbow ammo on the cupboard next to the crossbow
- destroy the powersource for the gates to open them
- theres a gman watching you in this map (find him)
- you will get extra items/weapons at the spawnpoint as you proceed
- you can use the gargantua to kill the groups of soldiers
- use the lightswitch :-)