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When I started this map it was supposed to be a Half-Life singleplayer map. When I was almost done with it I found Svencoop - a great cooperative mod for HL so I completed it for SC. Basically it's almost the same map as Evermore for Half-Life DM. You start outside at the gate where there was this button which showed the "Created by Kampy" message. You start with the Colt and try to make your way through the labs. You cant go through the fence, because its closed and a barney is watching it. I could say more about the map, but then it wouldnt be so much fun to find it out yourself. Goal is to find the gauss (taucannon) and destroy the released big monster.
main points of the map:

- based on Evermore (DM map)
- see Evermore (HLDM) review for details
- 2-4 players recommended
- not too easy, but perhaps a little short for a svencoop map
- some cool sequences
- alien & human enemies


- get the bazooka with teamplay: jump on the back of a teammate and climb the crates in front of the lab
- You can get the Glueon gun from Barney when the big monster is released
- shooting the fence guard wont help you