Very_Confusing! download this map

Very Confusing is a remake of Lara Crofts labyrinth in her garden in Tomb Raider 2. The hedges have all the same texture so you will get really confused when running around. The outside wall looks different though. If you like maze maps then this is really the one for you. There is a certain shock effect when you play this map and run into an enemy - I remember me jumping away from the computer when I was attacked. Although it's very confusing to go around it's not too big and you can play this map with three players well. There is a secret in the middle of the map - normally there are only colts and type-3 weapons and no items at all, but if you find the secret room which can be accessed through an underground corridor you get tripmines and satchels. Tomb Raider 2 fans will probably find the secret immediately cause its exactly the same as in the playstation game.
The map doesnt look bad although it's very old and I was a newbie at that time the textures fit perfectly for the map theme and there are hardly and grafic errors. Very_Confusing is a map for all maze & fun map fans.

main points of the map:

- Tomb Raider 2 maze theme, confusing texture choice
- consists of a a big maze with hedges and a wall around it
- 3-8 players recommended
- exitingly scary gameplay, small map size but appears to be big
- no heavy weapons, mostly colt and Type-3 weapon used


- there is a battery at the entrence of the maze if you know where that is :-))
- there is a secret room with 2 tripmines and satchels + shotgun & ammo
- there are no machine gun grenades and no long jump
- tripmines are very effective in this map!