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This is a medium sized map with a half-life singleplayer type environment like in office complex. There is also another part which looks more lab-like and a corridor that has a on-the-rail look, but the main part looks like office complex. The map consists of many corridors, some small and one big room. The gameplay is rather balanced. The weapons are placed where they are mostly needed - the glueon is missing. There is a nice trap at the shotgun: push a button and the players in the small corridor next to the shotgun will fall in a hole and die, that's pretty much fun seeing someone fall down there. Most of the map looks alright although I dont like the doors which are too wide and open to the side and there is a cheesy shelve prefab which is a func_door. There are also some small texture errors, but this map is very old so it can be forgiven ;) The gameplay is good though and if you dont mind the small negative points you can have much fun here.

main points of the map:

- office complex theme and typical HL textures
- consists of many corridors, some small rooms and a big one
- 3-8 players recommended
- balanced gameplay, medium size
- no glueon


- the longjump and the crossbow are behind a crate in the big corridor with the rail in the middle
- there are grenades for the machine gun at the door-shelve
- there are grenades for the machine gun in a dark corner of the room with the broken crate and the 3 gauss clips
- you can shoot through the glass near the gauss, its a good camping position
- there is a trap in the shotgun room: push button - trap hole in the corridor opens