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This is a very small map with a secret of mana theme (for those who dont know: this is an old, great roleplaygame for super nintendo). The textures are taken from screenshots of the game. The fun about the look is that the textures are made for a 2d game, but they are transferred on 3d objects. Thats why the sky is just a blue brush which some guys criticised, from my current view I'd say - yeah I should have chosen a HL sky, but it doesnt look too bad so that it would effect the fun you have playing it.
The map itself consists of a house with two rooms and a garden. You can access the house through the front door or a side door on the second floor. The two rooms are connected through stairs and a hole in the floor of the
upper room. The map plays very hecticly, because of its small size.
Due to the size of the map there are no heavy weapons in it. Most of the time you use the crossbow, shotgun or the machine gun. There are useful items placed on crates which you can only jump on with the longjump. To get the longjump you need to do some difficult jumps which take more time than you usually have in this map.
All in all I think the map is lots of fun and if you like tiny hectic maps and/or Secret of Mana then you should check this map out.

main points of the map:

- secret of mana theme and textures
- consists of a house with 2 rooms and a garden.
- 2-4 players recommended
- hectic gameplay, tiny map size
- no heavy weapons, mostly Type-3 weapon used


- to get the LongJump you have to jump on the small window-sill, then from there jump over to the crates in the middle of the upper-floor room and after that jump on the crate where you can see the LongJump.
- with the LongJump you can get a healthkit, a battery and snarks which are placed on the crates in the upper-floor room.
- there are grenades for the machine gun. They are placed on the top of a tree. To get it climb the fence and walk to the tree on which you can see the AR grenades lying.
- in the garden there is a big flower. you can hide in it and for example use the crossbow to attack players passing by. you will also find a tripmine in it.