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The theme of this small map is a kind of sewer maintainance area with a small part of the sewer and several rooms and corridors. The connectivity is limited. There is not much variation in where you can go except for the main corridor where you can choose between six doors of which four lead to dead end rooms with different functions. The battlefield of horror_tube is very tight. Small rooms and corridors make fighting really shocking. In the main hall with the four rooms connected to it you can perfectly camp with the crossbow if you turn out the light in the power room. Then automatically red emergency lights are activated which look pretty cool. Every of the four rooms has a function: 1) light swichtes for the four rooms 2) healthchargers, longjump 3) ammo for all weapons and HEV charger 4) main corridor lightswitch
There are all Half-life weapons available in this map, although you need to be fast to get the glueon and the snarks: you have to push a button on the one side of the map and rush to the other side where a strong door to a supply room has opended. The door closes after a few seconds again.
Another cool feature is the elevator which is rather fast if you compare it to other HL elevators - if it hits you you will be smashed.
The grafic is far from making you say 'wow' but it looks alright and has a great atmosphere in my opinion. Horror_tube is pretty old so for the time it came out it looked very good. If you like tight fighting with lots of camping spots then horror_tube is the right map for you - give it a try!

main points of the map:

- sewer maintainance area
- small sewer part, small rooms and corridors
- 3-6 players recommended
- map size: small / tight fighting, camping
- all weapons available


- push the button under the desk near the elevator and run to the room where you can get the colt, the big door will be open for some seconds and give access to health kits, snarks and the glueon
- at the shotgun near the ladders there are 4 crates 2 of which can be destroyed. there are gauss clips in it.
- you can use the healthchargers from the ammo-room, cause the rooms are next to each other - use the wall left of the HEV charger
- if you turn off the light in the main corrdior (button is in the power room) you can perfectly snipe enemies in the dark corners, the crossbow is also in the power-room