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CM_duskburg is a clan-map I made for the Clepto-Maniacs clan. Basically it's a castle on a hill surrounded by rocky terrain and a village nearby. This basic theme was given to me by the clan so I had to try to make the best out of this. It was really hard to add detail and keep the r_speeds low, but I managed to make them not surpass 800 wpoly. I tried to give it as most detail as possible within these r_speed limits. I mostly used standard textures and more or less used basic construction for some parts of the village. I beta-tested the map three times and I think it's well balanced and a little campy (notice the pun?).
Give it a try. I think especially the gameplay is quite nice. :-)

main points of the map:

- castle on a hill near a village, rocky terrain
- might remind a bit of Bounce I guess
- 2-10 players recommended
- a bit of a camper map, but intended to be like this ;-)
- all weapons except for Glueon, small-medium size map


- you can climb the roof of the church and one house
- inside the castle: jump on the bounce platform
- there is a secret platform up at the rocks in the middle of the map


- [CM] paid 50$ for the creation of this map which were donated to WikiMedia