C&C Generals Maps

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Iraqhistan (download)

Capture Europe (download)

2v2 desert style map singleplayer mission campaign

Iraqhistan (cnc-gen) (download)

codename rocketmonkey (download)
remake of iraqhistan map for Generals

1on1 map green & city style

Iraqhistan (AoD) (download) vietnam war (zh) (download)

detailed 'Art of Defense' 2 player mission

remake of the vietnam war (1v1) generals map
Iraqhistan shellmap (download)

fortress avalanche (3v3) (download)
shellmap showing Jarmen Kell on mountain

3v3 version with less money of the generals map
Europa (remix) (download)

GDI vs Nod - Thc Final strike (download)

6 player remake of the Europe map

3 players remake of C&C Tiberian Dawn map

settlers of Catan (download)

Lotus Spy shellmap (download)

3 player looking like the boardgame (recommended: 1v1v1 5.000$) showing Black Lotus spying on a hill next to a USA base
World trade center shellmap (download)

Europa (download)

shellmap (intro) with an American city being attacked

6 player Europe map de_dust (download)

1on1 map remake of de_dust (cs)