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War Factory is my first cs-map. It has never been played though its actually a good map. most of the grafics look cool. There is a street with streetlights and a tank where the CT team starts. Then there is a shop and a garage plus a lake and a sewer and of course the "war factory". The terrorist start inside the factory where three scientist wait to be rescued at a weapon test lab. The gameplay is good, but has one weak point: the terrorist can camp inside the weapon factory which is very hard to capture. The CT team has to play good teamplay (for example climb on a teammates back to get through a window on the backside) to get in then. If the terrorist dont camp there there are a lot of places where you can fight, at the lake side, at the place with the river or elsewhere. If you push a button inside the lab a laser is activated which is lethal. Take care - the hostages might be killed by it.
All in all it's actually a good map, you just have to do a lot of teamplay as a CT. Check it out!

main points of the map:

- factory with a lab + lake, river, sewer, shop, garage and a street
- looks good, but not terrific
- 2-8 players recommended
- Terrorists-Pro gameplay, needs CT Teamplay to break the T's camping
- 3 hostages inside the lab


- climb on the teammates back to get through the windows on the backside of the factory.
- inside the shop there is a baverage machine that can heal you
- the garage contains a sewer entrance, the sewer leads to the river
- in the lab there is a button which opens the big door next to it
- the room with the diamond is flooded with deadly laser beams when you push one of the buttons on the outside of it