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cs_street is a fun map. The Counter-Terrorists start on the street. The Terrorists start in one of the three buildings: sweet_home3, the duke-pornoshop or a large house with an attic. There is one hostage that originally couldnt be rescued, but as this map was made for a very old beta of counter-strike this doesnt work anymore. This hostage stands in a telephone booth and if you use it nowadays the hostage will be rescued - so dont use it :)
Gameplay is like this: the Counter-Terrorist team storms all the buildings and usually the terrorists camp in one of them, well thats the way it's supposed to be played. If the terrorists storm the front the CTs have to camp on the street.
The grafic goes from bad to good, sweet_home3 looks cool as always and the large house is well done, too. The outside doesnt look like it was outside because there is no sky (i didnt know how to do it at that time), although that never actually bothered anyone. The duke-pornoshop is the bad part of the map in my opinion. The textures dont vary much and it simply looks lame.
This is my second cs-map and it can be fun if you dont rescue the hostage and if you see it as an old fun map ^_^

main points of the map:

- a street, 3 buildings: sweethome3, big house, duke3d-pornoshop
- dont rescue the hostage or the round will be over
- 4-12 players recommended
- very old map so HL textures and some lame grafics here and there
- 1 hostage thats not supposed to be rescued


- the hostage couldnt be rescued when the map was made
- there is a secret passage that goes from the pornoshop to sweet_home3
- use the toilet and find a message :)