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Pain Train is a fun map. It's supposed to be a driving train. The terrorists start on the front side, the couterterrorists start at the backside. There is only one way to go which contains lots of waggons with cover and some tricks. If you fall off the train you get smashed - this happens ofter than you might think :-)
there's place for some teamplay for example climbing crates or going from two different sides of a waggon.
The grafic looks good except for the driving effect. The train doesnt look like its driving and stands on black blocks which you only see when you jump down. The r_speeds are very good for a train map.
There's nothing more to say about it though.
Gameplay is team deathmatch without a cs goal - but lots of fun.

main points of the map:

- a driving train
- one way to go
- 2-8 players recommended
- some teamplay here and there
- no cs goal


- you can climb some crates to have an atvantage (use teammate to climb)
- the CT base has a nice sniper position behind crates
- the T-base has a secret passage (use one of the crates to reveal it)
- if you stand inside the locomotive the train rumbles and blood comes out of the funnel