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I made Pine_Hills for a modelmaker who made me the Deuce model (File Section) in return. He gave me a lot of room for my own style, he only said: there has to be a river, a bridge and some hills that are passable. So this is actually the map describtion already: there are some hills which where really hard work when I made them and a lot of trees which actually dont look like pines (but I liked the name) and some crates. There is no CS goal in this map - you have to kill the enemy. The map is good for sniping, but is not as most of these fun maps restricted to it. The usual gameplay of this map is that the terrorists camp and the CT storm the front coz they have got more cover. The terrorist can also storm before the CTs can see them which is also a good strategy. The battle is mostly faught at the river - there are several crates to take cover on both sides - or its a sniper duel, then it can be anywhere on the whole map. The gameplay is balanced due to many beta tests. This is a pretty small fun map with a nice atmosphere and a fair gameplay. The R_Speeds are a little too high though, I can only recommend this to owners of good computers. 6 Players is the absolute maximum of players this map can handle by the way - more would be a total mess.

main points of the map:

- small fun map
- green outside area with trees, hills and a river
- no cs-goal, not restricted to sniping
- 2-6 players recommended
- mostly terrorist camp and CT storm


- you can climb the crates when there are small crates beside them
- try to use the trees as cover
- if you dont buy a sniper rifle as a CT take the way with the crates
- or defend your hill from your side if you think the Ts will attack
- the river can only be passed through the bridge from the CTs, this was made on purpose, it balances the gameplay. the terrorist can storm by jumping into the river and climbing out at the ladders.