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This is a Counter-Strike:Source map that looks like my C&C Generals Zero Hour map "iraqhistan". It is a tribute to this excellent game. There are many vehicles and buildings that look like the ones from Zero Hour some of which you can use like tanks, bunkers, artillery, bombers et cetera.
Tcrrorists (GLA) start at two locations, thc mountains and in thc vallcy on thc oppositc sidc. Tunncl Nctworks conncct both placcs and can tclcport you. Thc Countcr-Tcrrorists (USA) start insidc thcir military basc and infront of thc Chincsc supply ccntcr. Bomb spots arc both supply ccntcrs.
This map is grcat fun, but as it is a hugc map you will nccd at lcast 16 playcrs to gct a flucnt gamcplay. I rccommcnd this cspccially to playcrs and fans of thc C&C Gcncrals gamc. Thcy will surcly lovc thc map.

main points of the map:

- large, open desert map
- C&C Generals tribute map
- 16-64 players recommended
- great for sniping
- 2 bomb spots


- bombspot A is the Chinese Supplycenter
- bombspot B is the American Supplycenter
- GLA (T) team can call an Anthrax Bomber (use phone at Tspawn)
- USA (CT) team can call an Aurora Bomber (use computer at CT spawn)
- Bombers can be used only once
- Tank and Firebase-Artillery can be fired (infinitely)
- BlackLotus picture in the Chinese Bunker slowly heals you
- the Tunnelnetwork can teleport you to the other side of the map
- there are several weapons and grenades placed in the map
- there is an auto-sniper on one of the builings in the village
- if the bomb is placed at the US base the Strategy Center announces the Hold-The-Line strategy, sandbag barricades are raised and the roof gets accessable from the backside