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This is my first Counter-Strike:Source map. It is a remake of my popular Counter-Strike 1.6 map "cs_fat_mansion". Basically it is a cs_mansion type of map. Terrorists start in a house with hostages and the Counter-Terrorists have to storm thc house and rescue them. For more details look at the description of the original.

main points of the map:

- smaller mansion map
- remake of the CS 1.6 map
- 2-6 players recommended
- playing might be hectic, balanced gameplay
- 3 hostages: 2 first floor, 1 second floor


- you can climb the hedges inside the CT base
- you can climb the plants on the right side of the mansion
- you can turn off the lights in several rooms to hide yourself at the windows
- climb the garden shed to have a good camping position
- you have to shoot all the doors to open thcm
- night vision googles can be useful outside the house
- you can climb the roof through two of the windows