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I made cs_fat_mansion, because Im a cs_mansion fan and there were so many aweful mansion clones that I had to create a "fat" one! So this is it.
The complete area is a little smaller than the original mansion map. As a counterterrorist you start on the street behind some walls and hedges. You can walk through the typical hole in the wall, through the main opening, through the sewer tunnel or, which is new, climb the hedges and enter the mansion through a window. The garden and the mansion itself are totally changed. The garden has some small and big hedges to take cover and a garden shed which blocks the view on the hole in the wall. The three hostages and the terrorist are inside the mansion. You can access the house through the front and back door, through a side and back glassdoor, through a side window with a ladder-like plant growing there and through the window which you can access through the hedges.
Two of the three hostages are on the first floor and the third is on the second floor. There are three good ways to rescue the hostages: you can easily rescue them through the sewer tunnel or through the back glassdoor and then through the hole in the wall or you can try to use the front door which is a little risky. Although this map is a little small and has much action it happends more often than you might think that someone rescues all the hostages. The map usually plays like this: the terrorist camp at the windows or hide inside the mansion or sometimes use the flanks to surprise the storming counterterrorists. The CTs try to sneak into the mansion through the side or back doors, storm the front door as fast as they can, dare to go through the attic window or help their team mates sniping on the hedges or in their base. Sometimes there are sniping duels of CTs sitting in their base and terrorists sniping through the kitchen windows. The gameplay is balanced in contrast to the original mansion but becomes very hectic when you play it with more than 4 people. For a counter-strike map cs_fat_mansion is pretty small and I recommend you play it with 6 players at max. The r_speeds are great at all points of the map and the map looks cool and much better than the other mansions except for estate perhaps. CS_fat_mansion is very popular and got 8 points at cstrike.de so you better download this!! :)

main points of the map:

- smaller mansion map
- looks better than the original map
- 2-6 players recommended
- playing might be hectic, balanced gameplay
- 3 hostages: 2 first floor, 1 second floor


- you can climb the hedges inside the CT base
- you can climb the plants on the right side of the mansion
- you can easily rescue the hostages through the sewer tunnel
- climb the garden shed to have a good camping position
- you can hide under the table
- you have to shoot all the doors to open them
- night vision googles can be useful outside the house
- the CT base background is pretty good for camouflage
- you can climb the roof through two of the windows