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The villa of doom is a small dark place. The Counterterrorists start outside the villa in a small garden. There are two ways to go: through the front door which leads directly into the mainhall or through a side door. There you'll find a kitchen and a dinner room from which you can go into the main hall or the cellar through a fireplace. The terrorist team has two different starting points. Either at the end of the main hall where there are four small rooms or in the cellar which is connected to the main hall through stairs. The map looks good, although there is nothing really astonishing about it. It's very dark so you better buy night vision googles. The r_speeds are very low.
The gameplay is pretty much deathmatch. The terrorist try to storm out of the cellar if possible or, if they start at the sleeping rooms, they try to defend this position. The CT team also storms into the main hall or the dining room as fast as possible to have the better position sooner than the other team. When the terrorists start in the cellar its harder for them to win - if they start at the sleeping rooms the CT team is at a disadvantage. If there's not total deathmatch with heavy weapons there are sniper duels between CTs at there starting point and terrorists at the four rooms. Flashbangs are a pretty good good choice on this map as well as the para machine gun. ;-)
Teamplay is rather unimportant, cause the map is so small. Six would be the maximum player amount possible without a total mess. Believe me Ive played it with 20 strong Doom_Villa fans and it was the third world war. ;))) All in all it's a dark, small cs-deathmatch map with a cool atmosphere, but not much cs in it and some balance errors.