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The theme is clear when you look at the title: Resident Evil. What it actually is is the gigantic mansion of Resident Evil (1) for those who dont know: this is horror adventure type playstation game. The textures are taken from the game and the official max payne texture pack and some are self-made.
de_resident_evil is huge - there are two big rooms, one is the main hall and the other the dining room and a lot of corridors and other rooms. If you dont know Resident Evil you might get lost. The two big rooms are seperated from the rest of the map through brushes and the doors work like teleporters, because the r_speeds were too high the common way. Since the map is very big you should at least have four people playing it who know Resident Evil or the map. This map is a remake of my very old Counter-Strike map de_resident_evil or actually it's the map that I wanted to make when I began with the map which became de_resident_evil later.
The Counter-Terrorists start near the main hall and have to prevent that the terrorists bomb it. The terrorists start on the other side of the mansion in a lot of different rooms.
if youre a RE fan you should check this out.
main points of the map:

- Resident Evil theme, textures (RE, max payne)
- consists of the gigantic Resident Evil (1) mansion
- 6-32 players recommended


- at the shotgun there is a shotgun imitation at the wall - pull it down and it activates a trap in the room next to it. The ceilling comes down and smashes everythin in it.
- the doors in the 2 big rooms are teleporters, dont wait at the teleport destination point too long or another player could spawn into you.
- This map exists as a HL map: "HL_resident_evil"
- you can place the bomb everywhere inside the main hall, hide it