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This map is a tribute to all command and conquer generals fans. It's a remake of my zerohour map iraqhistan for TeamFortress2. There are lots of features from the game such as:

G.L.A. barracks, supply center, armsdealer, blackmarket, tunnel network, demotrap, scud launcher, rocket buggy, quad cannon..

USA barracks, supply center, war factory, strategy center, patriot, fire base, humvee, crusader tanks..

Chinese supply center, bunker, dozer, listening outpost..


The gameplay is control point capture where the blue team(USA) has to defend 4 control points against the red team (GLA). First the G.L.A. have to expand their base and capture the armsdealer (point A). Then they need extra resources by capturing the Chinese supply center (point B). After that they contact the sleeper cell in the arabian village (point C) and finally attack the US-Base (final point). After capturing A & B there will be a respawn and setup time to let team blue get in position to defend.

- you can use fire-base to shoot into the village (hit button)
- you can use the crusader tank to shoot infront of the bunker (hit button)
- the red team can use the tunnel to teleport from (A) to (B)
- the chinese bunker is a good cover and has a medikit and ammo
- you can climb the mountain between (A) and (D) to snipe
- there is a ladder behind the GLA supply center
- there is health and ammo on the US supply center so rocketjump up
- you can use the Generals superpowers only once!
- I wouldnt recommend changing the spawn times of the map
- this map is to be played with the sniper class restricted
to one for each team (or agree on a restricted usage of snipers)